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Who am I?

Iā€™m a passionate, creative and curious designer who lives in Wellington


My name's Rhiannon and I've been in the design and marketing industry for over five years now. I've always loved the intersection where creativity, technology, and communication meet. My first passion was writing and I remember my mother helping me 'publish' my first book when I was 10 years old in our local library. I write articles, blog posts, marketing copy, novels, poetry etc. You name it. I then grew very interested in the internet which, in the early 2000's, began to thrive so I self-taught myself HTML and CSS at 12 before I later went on to formally study website development.

I hold three diplomas (a Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia, a Diploma in Website Development, and a Diploma in Digital Media Advanced) and variety of skill-sets so I'm a design generalist. Some call me a unicorn, ninja, wizard or rock-star. I look for meaningful work where I can make a positive  difference.  I love solving problems and I’m always learning, I love researching latest trends and having my finger on the pulse.

I'm a geek, single malt scotch lover, amateur astronomer, avid reader, perfume collector, and gamer who lovers a good yarn  about philosophy or psychology.

What work have I done?

I've designed content for a variety of organisations including start-ups and government agencies

  • Posters
  • Capital Magazine Article
  • Social Media Posts
  • Bus Ad
  • Blog Post
  • UX NZ Stand

Wellington ICT Graduate School

I’m currently working as Campaign Manager at the Wellington ICT Graduate School (a Victoria University of Wellington initiative) but my contract runs out soon so I’m looking for my next challenge. I’m responsible for all marketing-related activities including designing and writing content for social media, websites, newsletters, posters, billboards, stories, publications, and more in this role. I developed the marketing strategy, brand guidelines, and content calendar.

I have successfully raised brand awareness and recruited double the number of students into the School’s programmes during my time here. I’ve used a broad range of marketing tools including for content management (SilverStripe and WordPress), email marketing (Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp), analytics (Google Analytics), design (Adobe CC), and social media management (Hootsuite). I have also worked on various events including planning creative stalls and campaigns.

These are some examples of my work including in Capital Magazine, UX NZ conference, billboards and buses around Wellington city. The design and copy is all done by me and I've worked with various print and media agencies to publish them across various channels.


Ministry of Justice

I helped manage this government agency's internal and external channels (especially websites and social media) within the marketing and communications team. I established a social media strategy and calendar. I was part of a major intranet redevelopment project where I rewrote many pages using best practice standards including accessibility and plain language with a user focus. I also taught and managed the content community of website contributors across the organisation.

  • Logo Stationary Mockup
  • Website Mockup
  • App Design
  • Book Design
  • Logo Development

Freelance design

I've done some freelance design and development including logo and brand design, website development, book formatting, book cover design, marketing campaigns, and app design for local clients like a coaching business, IT career development social enterprise, class projects, a musician friend, a candle-making business, and a consulting business.

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