Ignite the spark in your marketing

I can help you create engaging content, creative campaigns, and build your audience.

How can I help you?


End-to-End Marketing

I can manage all marketing aspects from strategy to delivery to measurement, encompassing the entire customer journey and acquisition funnel.


Content Creation

I can create various content formats including video, audio, and visual for many channels from ideation to production to publishing.


Graphic Design

I'm proficient in Adobe CC and can design for all sorts of formats including websites, logos, posters, magazines, books, and stationary.



I can write engaging communications in whatever tone and format including articles, social media, marketing copy, and newsletters.


Website Management

I can manage website CMS (including WordPress, SilverStripe, and Hubspot) including good SEO, UX, and IA. I can also code in HTML and CSS.


User Experience Design

I can research your audience, create audience personas and customer journeys to make sure we have an accurate and holistic view.


Email Marketing

I can create campaigns and newsletters (experienced with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor) with segmenting and automation.


Social Media Marketing

I can manage your social media presence including strategy, content calendars and creating, advertising, and analytics.

Who am I?

My name is Rhiannon and I’m a marketing manager who lives in Wellington. I’ve been in the design and marketing industry for over six years now. I’ve always loved the intersection where creativity, technology, and communication meet.

My first passion was writing and I remember my mother helping me ‘publish’ my first book when I was 10 years old in our local library. I then grew very interested in the internet which, in the early 2000’s, began to thrive so I self-taught myself HTML and CSS at 12 before I later went on to formally study website development. Then, whilst studying, I got very interested in the psychology of marketing and user experience so folded that into my toolkit.

I hold three diplomas (a Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia, a Diploma in Website Development, and a Diploma in Digital Media Advanced) and variety of skill-sets so I’m a marketing and design generalist. Some call me a unicorn, ninja, wizard or rock-star. I’ve worked in various government agencies, start-ups, and freelanced. I look for meaningful work where I can make a positive difference. 

I love solving problems and I’m always learning, I love researching the latest trends and having my finger on the pulse. I’m customer-focused and insights-driven in my work, trying to figure out who the audience is and what they’re after then iterating based on data.

I’m a geek, single malt scotch lover, amateur astronomer, avid reader, perfume collector, and gamer (video, board, and tabletop) who loves a good yarn about philosophy or psychology.

What work have I done?


I was responsible for all marketing-related activities including designing and writing content for social media, websites, newsletters, posters, billboards, stories, publications, and more. I also developed the marketing strategy including competition analysis and audience profiling, brand guidelines, and content calendar.

I successfully raised brand awareness and recruited double the number of students into the School’s programmes during my time here. I also helped with events including planning creative stalls and nurtured partnerships with industry and media agencies.

I’ve used a range of marketing tools including for content management (SilverStripe and WordPress), email marketing (Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp), analytics (Google Analytics), design (Adobe CC), and social media management (Hootsuite). 


I helped manage the Ministry's internal and external channels, especially websites and social media. I established the social media strategy and calendar. I was part of a major intranet redevelopment project where I rewrote many pages using best practice standards including accessibility and plain language with a user focus. I also taught and managed the content community of website contributors across the organisation.


I helped people understand and engage with the work the Ministry is doing in the pay equity claims space in partnership with the unions. This included writing stories and website content, producing podcasts and videos, curating newsletters, and designing factsheets. I also worked across the wider education workforce team helping out on various projects including for Holidays Act, school support, and brand management.

What have I posted?

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